Experience X

  • Sr. Front-End Web Developer, Inflection, LLC
  • Location: Redwood Shores, CA
  • Duration: August 2011 to October 2014 (Full-Time)
  • Major "Big Data" Brands include:
  • PeopleSmart.com (My former development project + the world's leading people search site.)
  • Identity.com, GoodHire.com, Archives.com (Archives sold for $100M to Ancestry)
  • Goals Achieved: Built, evolved and made PeopleSmart more accessible
  • Collaborated with team members to build stellar products and enhance core strengths
  • Traffic: Over 25 million visitors per month.
  • Methods Employed: Split test ideation, creation & deployment: We ran hundreds of multivariate split tests quarterly
  • Web development: Implemented experimental designs, new platform services and enhancements
  • Developed pages in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, LESS, JavaSript, jQuery, XSLT
  • User experience design with data-driven methods for usability, engagement, and profitability
  • Productive collaboration within a World-Class UX Team
  • Web Designer, Granicus, Inc.
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Duration: November 2010 to June 2011
  • Worked with representatives of local, state and federal governments, such as Congress and the City of San Francisco, to augment transparency by designing comprehensive web solutions that deliver live and archived government meetings online
  • Engaged with elected officials and their staff to provide the most effective and efficient transparency platform
  • Helped to make governments across the U.S. more transparent with the industry leader in transparency software
  • Equities Trader, PredictWallStreet, LLC
  • Location: Capitola, CA
  • Duration: February 2010 to November 2010
  • Contracted to execute trades on Interactive Brokers and Fidelity for high net worth clients
  • Performed analyses on portfolios of equities
  • Liaised with clientele to explain trading/investment methodologies
  • Maintained consistent daily P&L
  • Derivatives Trader, Breakwater Trading
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Duration: July 2009 to January 2010
  • Selected out of 600 applicants to trade fixed-income, equity indices and commodities on CBOT, CME, NYSE
  • Learned numerous trading and investment strategies
  • Executed over 20,000 trades with consistent daily P&L
  • Small Business Owner, CoastFusion.com
  • Location: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Duration: March 1999 to June 2004
  • Hand programmed website, marketed site via eBay and popular search engines, managed all client accounts
  • Bought popular merchandise wholesale and one of a kind items at auction for resale via my website/eBay
  • Led business to success (attained net profit of $3,000+/month), displayed initiative to tap into niche markets
  • Achieved 100% customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the quality of all products sold and prompt delivery

Websites Published

  • Founder & Developer, Scholarly Insider
  • Duration: 2013 to Present
  • Preface: Currently, this is an incomplete, beta-phase project:
  • Scholarly Insider is a web application that I've designed and developed. It is powered by PHP + MySQL. It provides professors, students and alumni with a feature-rich, collaborative tool that brings a one's academic life online with a unique "social" experience. In brief, the service enables users to build peer-to-peer groups and targeted forums (e.g. a department or research center), share files, such as written papers or recorded course lectures, host discussions. As well, it provides users an avenue to connect with peers.
  • Publisher, WittyBull.com
  • Present
  • WittyBull is a straightforward "Smart Money" resource serving "bullish" investors & traders. I personally hand-coded, designed and published WittyBully to broadcast market headlines, investor insights, witty quotes, financial tools, including a custom market news reader, and a robust finance network for sharing data. It is powered by custom HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, JavaScript / jQuery, MySQL. WittyBull is "bullish without the bull****."
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About Me X

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Philosophy (Class of '09)
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.2/4.0, Major GPAs: 3.7/4.0
  • Honors: Dean's List 2007-2009, Full-Tuition Scholarship and Odyssey Scholar
  • Graduate Classes: Building the New Venture, Financial Accounting (Booth School)

Brief Autobiography

Hi, Thank you for taking time from your busy day to read through this personal website of mine. As you've noticed, I have an eclectic background. To go a little further into it, I was immersed in an independent studies program during high school, which helped me to become a self-starter. As a Philosophy & Political Science major during college, I engaged my love of learning to explore a wide-array of theoretical topics in addition to more pragmatic concepts at the graduate business school-level (UChicago's Booth School). Meanwhile, I started an investments club, which taught students how to both trade (short-term wagers with technical analysis) and invest (long-term buy/hold strategy using Warren Buffet-style fundamental analysis).

Post college, I began my professional career as a high-frequency derivatives trader (primarily hedging U.S. Treasury bonds) in Chicago's downtown. After learning the market, I decided to take a leap back into the tech-sector, where I began designing & developing websites using myriad technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 / SASS, JS / jQuery, PHP and MySQL. I spent three years at Inflection, LLC, where I wore many hats, yet with an emphasis on the front-end. For example, I was the lead developer for split testing whole flows of PeopleSmart.com, which receives millions of views monthly. Also, I revamped Inflection's entire admin area, which enables split tests, order fulfillment, customer tracking, et al.

Once I left Inflection, I traveled extensively (both domestically and abroad). Upon returning, I joined my friend's startup, Grid (grid.gs), as CTO; however, Grid met a number of financial obstacles and much of the executive team disbanded. I learned a lot about early-stage ventures during this experience. Meanwhile, I kicked off development of my own large-scale website, which has yet to be launched and monetized. It has a cutting-edge UI, employs PHP + MySQL to run the back-end, and it's primarily developed from scratch (i.e. all my custom work). Expected launch timeframe: Q2 of 2016. It'll be a game changer!

Going forward, I hope to work alongside other driven, self-starters. Great things happen with great people, right? Even during the most difficult projects, I keep a good attitude - I really enjoy helping companies scale while making awesome web tools that many, many people can use!

If you'd like to chat with me (grab a coffee or interview with me for an exciting role), then please feel free to email me at brianivbrown@gmail.com.

Computing-Oriented Skillset

  • Word, Excel, Git, Subversion, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, PhotoShop, Elgg CMS, Wordpress CMS


  • Fiji, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Greece

Sports & Hobbies

  • Scuba diving ("Advanced Diver" certification attained), piloting airplanes (working towards a pilot's license), skydiving, tennis, snowboarding, water sports / sailing
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Web Properties



Founder & Publisher

  • Project Duration: Ongoing
  • Nettopolis is an Internet Discovery Engine with a vision to transform the way people discover and market content. We make content discovery and marketing easier than ever and much less expensive. With our platform, you can easily broadcast and explore content like never before! Anyone can be a successful marketer. Easily post your website, location, app or special project. Nettopolis is powered by PHP, JS, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3.
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News Clusters

News Clusters

Architect & Developer

  • Project Duration: 2010 - Ongoing
  • I built News Clusters out of a desire to discover news articles effortlessly. Thus, I designed it to sort headlines by category and display them side-by-side in news "clusters" (I'm using a Google Ajax API that parses XML data). With hundreds of news sources streaming in one spot, News Clusters quickly helps you discover what's happening in the world hour-by-hour, and in a user-friendly kind of way.
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Sr. Front-End Developer

  • Work Duration: 2011 - 2014
  • At Inflection, LLC, I helped to enhance PeopleSmart.com's usability, engagement, and profitability. In so doing, I collaborated with team members across the company to build stellar products by ideating, developing and deploying hundreds of multivariate split tests each quarter.
  • I developed PeopleSmart webpages using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaSript, jQuery, and XSLT.
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Scholarly Insider

Scholarly Insider

Founder & Developer

  • Project Duration: 2013 - Ongoing
  • I designed & developed Scholarly Insider using PHP, MySQL and front-end technologies. It offers to provide professors and students with a collaborative tool for sharing research papers, posting recorded course lectures and hosting live discussions. As well, it encourages users to rank & review new research + connect with peers within collegiate communities.
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